Farms under Flood Water no Crops this coming year!
Millions of Cattle/Livestock Drowned in Floods!
Over 12,000 Stores Shut Down in 2019. Stocks Crashing!
Everything Is About To Change! Some Good, Some Bad!
Economic Collapse Is Confirmed!
Housing Market: Houses being built, but not selling!
Dangerous Times Coming In 2020 - Great Depression!
The World Economy Is Collapsing! Panic coming!
The Global Currency Reset Started April 1, 2019!

Trump shutting down the Federal Reserve and Central Banks!
Internal Revenue Service being Shut Down!
Banks and ATMs will close - Credit and Debit Cards will not work!
Trump is Resurrecting A New Gold Backed Currency!
Mass Arrests happening in 2020 around the world!
Congressmen and Senators will be arrested!
Martial Law Enacted! Social Media will Shut down!
Power Outages Around the Country for Days/Weeks?
No Electricity, Food, Water, Medicine, or Credit!

You will need cash to buy much needed items from other people! Gold and Silver will be Useless in these Times of Desperation!

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