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No Internet or Computer is Required for this program!

This is a Free Will Gifting Program so it is completely INCOME TAX FREE!
Also No License is required to give and receive FREE Gifts.

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Your Very Own
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When you join us, You will have your flyer Like This One to Mail out to hundreds and even thousands of people just like yourself with Your Name and Address already printed on it.

If You Print & Mail Your Flyers Everyday, (that has your name on it), and Mail them in All Your Out-Going Mail - Your Name would be circulated nationwide making you look good in the eyes of people who would send YOU $100 Cash! It is important to have your Flyers Printed and Mailed by others also and always mail to your own list of customers!

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STEP #1. Click Here To Print Out The "Mail Order Isn't Gambling" Circular.
STEP #2. Follow the Easy Instructions on How To Join on The Circular.
STEP #3. This is a CASH Only Program, so here is how to mail Cash safely:
Put your CASH Payment in a 6 3/4 small envelope that was made just right for Cash Money.
Print your name and address clearly on the small envelope or paste a name label,
so I will have your correct name and address.

Tri-fold the Flyer around the small envelope and insert it in a #10 envelope and mail with 1 stamp.
Never write payment or cash enclosed on the outside of the #10 envelope!

NOW GO GET Our FLYER and Join us, so You Can Start Receiving Cash $100 Bills.

          Now Keep in Mind. . .
Don't Be A Gambler - You MUST Mail your Flyer or NOTHING will Happen!
No guarantees are made or implied. However, the $100 Gift Possibilities are Available!
Void where prohibited by law. All sales are final. No Refunds.

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