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I do not do the Printing and Mailing myself. I am a Broker for several Print & Mail Companies. I can offer you printing and Mailing from 100 8x10 copies printed & mailed up to and including 560,000 copies of your 8x10 flyer printed and mailed.

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I can also have your flyers printed and mailed by the months - 3 months, 6 months, 1 Full Year or even a Lifetime. This Print & Mail Company also gives you a 50% Dealership to these monthly, yearly and Lifetime Dealerships with your first Print & Mail Order.

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Buy one book of 20 Stamps = $11.00
Buy Box of 40 #10 envelopes = $1.00 (Dollar Store)
Get 20 2-sided Flyers Printed at Copy Shop = $2.50 - $3.00

Total cost to print & mail 20 sets of 4 Flyers = $23.50.

Everyone should be able to mail 20 letters every week.
That is only 4 letters per day, 5 days a week.

Mailing everyday keeps money coming in everyday once it gets rolling.
You can Mail 4 Flyers printed on 20lb paper both sides for 1 stamp.
4 flyers 2 sides = 8 Offers in one envelope!

By mailing the letters yourself you become a Print & Mailer and can mail 8 Offers on 4 2-sided flyers in each envelope for one f/c stamp. That's how you can receive hundreds of Dollars in no time at all.
Now Let Us Cut the Cost like the Pros Do!

1. Go and purchase the "Receive Thousands of FREE U.S. Postage Stamps" program. This flyer will bring you more stamps than you can use on your own Printing and Mailing. This eliminates the need to buy Posage Stamps!

2. Start running small 1" and 2" ads advertising your product or service and just ask for a "Self Addressed Stamped #10 Envelope". You would no longer need all the FREE Postage Stamps if you get enough stamped #10 Envelopes that were already addressed to your customer. PLUS This would eliminate the need to buy Envelopes!
Now your cost has just been reduced to a printing cost of $3.00 per 2 sided flyer per 20 copies, or $12.00.

3. Check out the Mail Order Printers for reduced price by ordering 1,000 at a time in black ink. Your cost per each 2 sided flyer would be less than 5 cents each. If you became a dealer for the Printing company your cost would be less than 4 cents per each 2 sided copy. 20 copies at 4 cents each times 4 flyers would come to $3.68 for 20 copies of all 4 flyers, instead of $12.00

See the Difference?

Now your total cost to mail 20 Envelopes a day would be just $3.68. Of course you would have to sit and fold all the flyers to stuff into the free stamped envelopes.

This Changes Everything!

Now you can Mail as many Envelopes as you have coming in each day (if) you have all the flyers folded and ready to go into the free Stamped and addressed Envelopes.


The never changing rule is: You ALWAYS Mail To YOUR Personal Customers! They have already checked you out and have chosen to order from you so... They are the very Best People to mail YOUR Flyers to. If they bought from you before and were satisfied with your service, they will order from you again and again (if) you have what they want!

YOU just have to convince them that THEY WANT or NEED what you are offering!

Everything you need to start or grow a Mail Order Business or Tax Free Hobby is located right here on this website. There are brand new Offers and Programs and Dealerships too. After you receive your prgrams or Dealerships, you can find the tools to make it all work for you including places to have your Flyers Printed & Mailed, or learn the right way to Print & Mail Your own material for less money.

Don't forget the Thousands of Free Stamps you can receive by the Books. You may never have to buy another Postage Stamp again.

You will find programs ranging from $1.00 all the way up to $100.00, many of which are TAX FREE.
Grab a Big Ticket $100.00 Program and start mailing it out and watch the $100 Cash Bills start rolling in. Or grab a $50.00 medium priced item to run with. You just have to build the TRUST between you and your customer with honest programs that work and put money in your pockets.

Come Back Often

When you are in the need for a new program to make some money with come back and check out my programs and offers. I will be adding more as time goes by.
Printing & Mailing
Facts You Should Know!
How can they Print & Mail Flyers THAT Cheap?
I get asked this question and more a lot and want to explain a little about the Printing and Mailing Industry in this Wonderful World of Mail Order.

There are a lot of small print & Mail people who may be beginners who bought a report that tells them how to make money Printing and Mailing a simple Ad Sheet. In the beginning it is hard to get enough ads to fill up a single page on an ad sheet so many drop out or just take the money and leave. Some stick it out and succeed with a small ad sheet by having it printed in a publication with a 5,000 circulation, They can charge more for the ads and let the publication do the printing and mailing.

Some Print and Mail Dealers print you flyer up then mail a copy in each order they fill for a customer. These are usually 100 copies printed and mailed for $5.00 or $10.00 and can be P&M weekly, monthly or continuously.

The bigger Print and Mail Companies may have their own printing Presses or Copiers and buy their paper wholesale by the truck load. Some may get good prices as a wholesale dealer for a printing company.

First let's see how they can offer cheap prices on 2 sides. Most people only send in a single flyer so someone else's flyer can be printed on the back for almost nothing without using another sheet of paper. This more than than less covers the cost of tyhe paper and the 2 flyers and leaves some to pay for a 2 sided flyer.

How will my Flyer Be Mailed?
Next let's dicuss how they will be mailed. You may get a checking copy by f/c mail. Some time you have to send a SASE to get a checking copy.

The mailing will not be a F/C mailing unless it states so in the ad.

Most large circulations will be mailed by bulk rate because it is much cheaper. It also takes about a month to get in the hands of prospects. So you can stop asking where your Orders are until it has been printed and bulk mailed out.

Another thing is the Dead line for ads to be printed and Mailed in they are printed in an AdMag type Publication. This just means that it could possibly take two months before your flyer gets in the hands of the prospects. SO you may not hear anything from any prospects for a month or two.

also your Flyer will be printed on the back of a non-conflicting flyer that may or may not have identical flyers for other people in the same mailing or Publication with yours.

A co-oped mailing would be advertised as such with a cheaper price than a regular P&M order.

Your flyer will not be emailed unless that is what you ordered or the ad states your flyer will be emailed.

Do you send a Postal Mailing Receipt for Proof of Mailing?
To expect a Postal Receipt for your Printed and Mailed Flyer isn't going to happen unless you make arangements with the Print & Mailer before hand. They would have to keep extra files on people who wanted a receipt because they would have to know how many receipts had to be copied and who to mail them to. That would take extra time away from the actual Printing and Mailing of your flyer. If they did that for everyone, you could just imagine the extra work that could be involved.

How would you be able to get a receipt for all the flyers that are inserted in the Free SASEs and the envelopes containing filled orders?

What kind of a Response Rate can I Expect?

You will hear or read response rates of 10%, 20% %0% and some ads boast a 100% response rate. I am here to tell you that you will never see any of those special response rates unless you have a winning flyer and it is mailed to the right people just at the right time and these people know ho you are and trust you.

I have been in Mail Order for years and I have never received a 2% response rate in my life. I have never eceive a 1/2 of a 1% response rate to any of my personal mailings, Popular Mail Order Publications or by any Print & Mail company or dealer.

You have to be one lucky person to get a 2% response rate because your flyer would have to reach the right potential prospects at just the exact moment that everything was in their favor and they had the money at that time free to invest in your product or service.

There are too many factor involved to hit the right market at the right time. Things like Graduations, weddings, Holidays, Flooding, Hurricaines, Earthquakes, Tornados, recession, no extra money at that time, Factory closed, time to buy school clothes, Car repairs that week or need new tires, deaths or injuries or just a bad day to get and look at your Flyer.

People have to wait until they can spare the money to invest in something they aren't sure about.

So how can you tell if your flyer was Printed and Mailed? There is no way to know for sure unless you done the mailing yourself. And what if the mail person droped it in a mud puddle or it blew out of the window on the way to get delivered?

I still use Print & Mail Services and other Mail Order Publications for the main purpose of keeping my Name out there in the Wonderful World of Mail Order.


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