Stretch Your advertising Dollars and Get Your Flyers in the Hands of Millions!



Here is how the 12 million Printing & Mailing Circulation Works!
You send 50 copies of your favorite Flyer and a $300.00 Postal Money Order in a 9x12 envelope. Put your cash or Postal Money Order in a 6 1/2" envelope. Drop it in the 9x12 envelope between your order form and your flyers.

You 50 Flyers are printed in the 50 publications. One flyer for each publication. Each Publication is then Printed and Mailed to 20,000 people each month for 12 months. That totals to a 12 million circulation.

50 publications mailed to 20,000 people is 1 million circulation each month for all 50 publications. Each month 1 million copies are printed and mailed, so 12 million would be printed and mailed during the next 12 months.

You must be patient and wait until he has printed each of the 50 publications before you can receive a checking copy. When I mail your order to the Prime Source, you will receive the name and address of the Prime Source that you will be dealing with, just like I do. You will deal with the Prime Source on all future orders you receive and your own flyers too. You are a dealer just like I am. You must not send future orders to me to fill unless you are going to send the full $300.00.

So Now You Have To Ask Yourself. . .
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Use this 12 Million Print & Mail Dealership  to Get Orders Daily!

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Disclaimer - There is No Guarantee as to how much money you WILL receive.


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