How would you like to Christmas Shop
All Year Long?

(With hundreds or even Thousands of $100 Cash Bills)
Then Let's Get Started
Christmas isn't
just for kids and December 25th
any more!

What is Christmas In July?

Christmas in July describes Christmas themed events that are held in the month of July, rather than in December. Christmas in July started based on the fact that Christmas is during the summertime for the southern hemisphere. In order to experience Christmas during the winter time, residents of the southern hemisphere started to host Christmas-themed celebrations in the month of July, which for them is the peak of their winter season.

For the United States and Canada, there are no national holidays between the 1st week of July (Canada Day on July 1st in Canada and the 4th of July in the US) and the first Monday in Setepember (Labour Day in both the US and Canada). So Christmas in July is a fun way to break that lengthy period up where there are no national holidays. With this gap in the national holiday, merchandisers and retailers like to use the "Christmas in July" holiday as a reason to hold large holiday sales.

Why shouldn't we be able to enjoy Christmas in July and our Traditional Christmas
on December 25th?

Does THIS mean we are getting Greedy? Of course not!

If the National Corporations and Local Businesses are going to use this "Christmas in July" to advertise their products during the slow months, then we should also benefit from this "Christmas in July" by receiving a few extra dollars to buy what they are selling during this slump!

I found that a Mail Order Christmas Club isn't right for most people. In January it is too far away to think about joining, but as Christmas gets close, there is not enough time to mail flyers and get a good response before Christmas is here and gone.

So I have decided to Start a "Christmas in July" Christmas Club that continues right on thru to Christmas in December. Then after Christmas on December 25th everyone just uses the same flyer for the following year, no matter when they joined. It will be just like giving and receiving Christmas Gifts all year long, year after year.

Level 1 -
We have 20,000 Flyers Printed and Mailed for everyone who joins, with their name in the #1 position and (IF) They get a 1/4 of 1% responses -- That is 50 New Members x $100 = You Should Receive $5,000.00.

Level 2 - These 50 new members do the same and (IF) they get 50 new members each with you in #2 Position -- That is 2,500 New Members x $100 = You Should Receive $250,000 or more!

TOTAL GIFTS = $255,000!*

as long as you keep mailing your Flyer with your name in the #1 position!  
* Disclaimer: There is No guaranteed amount of $100 Gifts you could receive!

This Will Change Your Christmas Shopping Experience Forever!

Shop All Year!!!
Start Thinking about Christmas All Year Long! Join our Year around Christmas Club NOW. Don't worry if you miss out on Christmas in December with your flyer, because all your responses will go into Christmas in July then back on Christmas in December again.
Our new Christmas in July and December Christmas Flyer is good all year. You can even use it in the following years to come.
Use your Christmas in July Flyer whenever you need a few extra dollars for something!

There is no limit on the amount of Cash Christmas Gifts you could receive in a years time if you keep advertising and mailing your Christmas Club Flyer.

You can join our Christmas Club any time of the year, because if you miss Christmas in December, you just keep mailing your flyer for Christmas in July. You can also use the same flyer again for Christmas on December 25th.

Be sure to make extra copies of your flyer so you will have nice clean crisp copies for next year. Do NOT Fold your flyers as that will cause a line to be printed across your flyer. Store or file them in a 9x12 envelope. When you mail them out it is okay to fold to fit in a #10 business envelope.

Print out this Exciting "Christmas in July"
Flyer and follow instructions on the flyer.

Do Not
"Wait Until Christmas"
"Christmas in July"
to JOIN!

Today is:

Several Months have already slipped by this year, so now there are

Since all these Dollars are Gifts, there is No TAX on these Gifts!
If you are worried, just file them on your Tax Return.

Now You Have All Year
to receive Thousands of Dollars
for YOUR Year Long Christmas Shopping Pleasure

Because it over flows into



Continues to December 25th.

What could Possibly be more
FUN and Exciting
Than Shopping with Your Friends or Family?

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